[Closed] Military Fly In Event @ KSDM - 061000ZAUG15

How about a good Ol’ military fly in formation event? Let’s say, F14’s - no arms or tanks - Southern Calif. Brown Fields to Edwards AFB. 7 birds in V formation groups, alt 18,000, speed 300 knots (air speed). Dep. Time 10.00 am (Zulu) - Browns. Date… well let’s set it up? Need ATC’s and dedicated pilots.

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I don’t got the F14, f18 or f16 okay?

It’s all in the suggestion stage at the minute. I can’t see why there can’t be different formation craft. So we can try and set up different flight groups to cater for all the different military flight craft. Everything from Spitfires to C17s. So, yeah, why not?

Awesome, sounds like a great event! looking forward to it.

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Thanks… Newbie blunder