[Closed]Military event @KXTA-1800ZJAN19

Server: training

Airport: KXTA

Time: *1800Z Jan 19.

NOTAM: I prefer AC130 and C17Glovemaster although fighters and dc10 extenders are permited. In this ocasion fighters will take off 2 at a time and any volunteer for atc pm me



You need to fix the title. I also recommend going over everything about the events category.

Edit: I fixed the Title for you. You should add Gates next. Good luck!



Thanks for trying to put together an event. Please add more detail and description to make the event look more appealing and exciting for all.
Also use the correct format for the title.

A good example of a well structured event that has lots of detail and description is this


@Pilot_urp This is not required so there’s no use in writing that out. As long as the poster has met the criteria for the event structure, in regards to the information he needs for a post, he’s good.


Does it matter that i’ve putted hachis, I mean, it is a military operation against narcotrafic

Please be aware that LETO is an unedited airport with limited spawn number and low quality layout.

All the people events in 1h

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