[CLOSED] mildredAV and @Jack_Dh's ATC Tracking thread!

Hey everyone! As we prepare to take our ATC test we would like some help with ATC training! Below you can find a list of all the info regarding our schedule:

Next session:
Server: Training
Airport: Munich/EDDM
Frequency: @mildredAV on ground, @mildredAV on tower
Time: 14:50Z


-For this session, @mildredAV will be taking ground and tower for a 30 minute period.

Today we are focusing on:

  • Pattern work (utilising both runways)
  • Sequencing

Spawning in 25mins, come help us out!

Just opened up now!

OK guys so here is my feedback …

Was pretty fun to try this split 😂

✅ P/B;
✅ Taxi;
✅ T/O clearance with direction;
⚠️ [17:32:51] No need to give me a pattern entry since you gave me a direction to take after T/O;
⚠️ [17:33:30] Cleared for option with direction to take…no need for that since you already instructed me to observe a left pattern…
---- Controller change ----
⚠️ [17:38:51] I should have received a pattern entry instead of a turn crosswind without direction;
✅ [17:38:59] Pattern entry with sequence as #2;
⚠️ [17:45:14] No need to give me enter right base…I’m already in the pattern;
⚠️ [17:46:56] Late clearance…You could have issue it right after the pattern entry at 17:38;
⚠️ [17:51:50] Late exit runway…try to issue it between 70-90 kt… a bit slower for general aviation
✅ Taxi to parking.

Hope this help your preparation…sorry for the delayed post…

Maybe next time you could open 2 airports nearby so you attract traffic for each other…let’s say CYUL and CYHU…or similar…something real close so pilots can play both airports 😂

See ya next time…feel free to ping me

@mildredAV @Jack_Dh


Thanks mate

Splitting frequencies in a tracking thread, interesting idea. Not recommended IMO, you need to learn how to control both frequencies at the same time. Multitasking is expected of you if you want to join IFATC. Regardless, please ping me the next time you guys open!


Ok will do 👍

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Awesome thank you so much, I’ll have a look over the replay in the morning, thank you for all your help!

@callaa @J-F_V awesome, appreciate all the support, we will do ! :)


Open now, please come and join up!

Open for another 30mins would appreciate the help!

Thank you for all the help, I (personally) will be opening up later tonight, thanks to everyone for joining!

@Jack_Dh should be opening soon!

@Jack_Dh is opening @ LGAV Tower and ground for 30-60 mins, it’d be great if you could come and help!

Opening in 10mins **

Open now .

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coming father

Come help me out for my last session before my practical exam!

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Feedback | N1FN @mildredAV

  • Transition was too low at 3500ft. An altitude of 4000ft for transition would’ve been better.

  • Remember to issue a pattern direction to all inbound aircraft for touch and go. That way they know what traffic direction they should make after the touch and go.

  • No need to re-clear me to land after reporting full stop. Just respond with roger and you’re good. As the pilot, I am letting you know that I plan to a full stop.

  • Considering you had cleared me to land, you should’ve been ready to issue an exit runway. But I didn’t receive one.

Considering you mentioned that this was your last session before your practical, I would recommend you to remember the things I mentioned above as this things could hurt you during your practical.

Thanks for the service today!

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