[CLOSED] Midway Mania! @KMDW - 061800ZJAN19

Hello all! This is my second event! I am hosting a Huge MDW fly out!
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Why Midway?

Chicago-Midway Airport is a small but popular airport, and is Southwest’s busiest hub. It is also a large GA airport.

What is some basic Info about this fly out?

Server: Expert
Airport/Region: KMDW/Chicago Region
Date and time: January 6, 2019 6:00 PM
NOTAM: Spawn in at least 10-15 minutes before scheduled Pushback time for pictures. Do not push back at the same time as the person next to you. I will go first, and once I am on the runway, feel free to start pushing back.
NOTAM update for 18.6:
Yes, I will be allowing specials. If you want a special, please let me know! On a first come first serve basis. For Southwest, it is most realistic if you are in A 738, Do spawn in the heart livery!
And yes, I can change planes if they are used On A real route. Thanks!

Runways are to be determined.

Avalivble Routes
In these categories, please look below, and see these pre selected routes. I can add/change routes if they are a real route.

Concourse A

Gate A01- Volaris A319 to MMGL- Open
Gate A02- Porter Dash 8 Q400 to CYTZ- @Benjwri
Gate A03- Volaris A319 to MMDO- Open
Gate A04A- Southwest 737-800 to MMUN- @Cargo
Gate A04B- Southwest 737-800 to MKJS- Open
Gate A05- Delta 717-200 to KATL- @The_Aviator2
Gate A07- Delta CRJ-700 to KMSP- @will_pugh
Gate A09- Southwest 737-700 to KBWI- @Connor_Mcmullin
Gate A11- Southwest 737-700 to KATL- Open
Gate A12- Southwest 737-800 to KPDX- Open
Gate A13- Southwest 737-700 to KPHL- @BIGGB97
Gate A14- Southwest 737-700 to KPIT- @Matthew_20204
Gate A15- Southwest 737-700 to KHOU- @Lee88
Gate A16- Southwest 737-700 to KSTL- @savavalentin86
Gate A17- Southwest 737-800 to KLAX- @infiniteflight87 Gate A18- Southwest 737-800 to KSEA- Open
Gate A19- Southwest 737-700 to KMCO- @Devon_Mo_piedmont114

Concourse B

Gate B01- Southwest 737-700 to KCLE- Open
Gate B02- Southwest 737-700 to KOKC- Open
Gate B03- Southwest 737-800 to KPHX- @Michael_Czyz
Gate B05- Southwest [Shamu] 737-700 to KDEN- @Luke_Sta
Gate B07- Southwest 737-700 to KMCI- @den.aviation
Gate B08 Southwest 737-700 to KMSP- Open
Gate B09- Southwest 737-700 to KMHT- Open
Gate B10- Southwest 737-700 to TJSJ- Open
Gate B11- Southwest 737-700 to KGRR- Open Gate B12- Southwest 737-800 to KLAS- Open
Gate B14- Southwest 737-700 to KDTW- @anon82246052
Gate B15- Southwest 737-700 to KBWI- @Plane-Train-TV
Gate B16- Southwest 737-700 to KSAT- @JeromeJ
Gate B17- Southwest 737-700 to KCMH- @Plnelovr
Gate B18- Southwest 737-700 to KABQ- @Aviator_Airbus
Gate B19- Southwest 737-700 to KOMA- Open
Gate B20- Southwest 737-800 to KSJC- @Patrick_Gallagher
Gate B21- Southwest 737-700 to KBNA- @esant_15
Gate B22- Southwest 737-700 to KMSY- Open
Gate B23- Southwest 737-700 to KFLL- @Mitch
Gate B24- Southwest 737-700 to KLGA- Open
Gate B25- Southwest 737-700 to KDAL- @J33ST3R
Gate B26- Southwest 737-700 to KTPA- Open

General Avation

McDiddler Air Charter- Open, Any Destination
Atlantic Avation 01- Open, Any Destination
Executive Jet 01- Open, Any Destination
GA South 01- Open, Any Destination
GA South 03- Open, Any Destination

I have gotten permission from @VAnuj to use an event format similar to theirs.

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I hope to see you at Midway!


Nice event Luke! I hope you know which Gate I want. Callsign: Southwest 836

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I believe so. You are in for Gate B24!

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You are correct! See you there!

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I will fly to BWI! Gate 15. Thanks!

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I’ll take B11 if that works.

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@Plane-Train-TV @Joseph007 you have been added! See you there!

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I’ll take gate B17 with service to KCMH!

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@Luke_Sta I am going to continue onto Denver after landing in Kansas City

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@den.aviation OK! See you there
@Plnelovr you have been added! See you there!

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I’ll take gate a17

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I’ll take gate A17 to KLAX! Thanks!

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@infiniteflight87 you are in!
@Patrick_Gallagher, would you like a different Gate? A17 is taken.

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I’ll take be B20 to SJC!

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I’ll take B18 heading to KABQ.

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@Aviator_Airbus, @Patrick_Gallagher you have been added! See You there!

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Can I take gate A11? This sounds like a really cool flyout.

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Ill take Gate A19

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@BigBert10 how do you feel about this?

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Im fine with this

I’m not even gonna attend since this is on training

So I’m glad someone is going to SJC in my place 😂 👍