So I was flying klax-kphx on expert. I was stressing so I let the plane fly and watched RV. When I came back the connection was yellow. So I tried and tried but nothing worked. So i proceeded to land anyway. Once on the ground it still didnt connect. But it still showed airports as having ATC. But showed no planes. So I ended flight,stream, and restarted phone. Then when I got back on only 2 airports showed on the atc/arrivals box on the right on the plane/airport/server picker screen. Please help. I had plans to do TONS of flying until late tommorow morning but cant do it if I cant even see other planes or have ATC chatter much less unicom.

It is likely a server restart.

We recently restarted the Expert Server. It’s back up now and should be fine.
Restart the app if you’re still having issues.

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Yep all goid

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