[closed] Midnight Flight #2 @ WSSS - 220800ZFEB17

We all left. Lol. I was gonna do a couple more patterns, but nahh.

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Okay. Good morning Carson;)
Btw, Guys go follow my Instagram account for amazing events!
We have one today as well:)

I think you guys had a good flight… I spawned just to check if Carson was still there and he was so I took a few screenshots…


I really like this group shot

@carson thanks for hosting this event:) I’m glad I could make it and I’m looking forward to more in the future!! I’m heading off back to bed now, see you guys around!


Btw, the 4th picture only one Cessna in it and with Carson’s name (hovering) above it, that’s Carson’s Cessna not mine…


Thanks for the first picture! At least someone took a screenshot with me in it…
Now I know how it feels to be in someone else’s screenshot… 😄😄

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Yup. Thanks a lot @Carson for hosting this event!
Was really fun!
Good day:)


Sorry @ifaviationkaler , I’ll work on my taxi etiquette


Please do, I think I saw you in a Lufthansa A388 a couple of weeks ago… correct me if I’m wrong… I would be happy to be!

Nope, literally day 2 of playing this online

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Oh okay! No worries I’m sorry…

No problem

Are there any tutorials or videos of what ATC does so I can see what the other side of that “aggravation” entails ?

There’s a lot in #tutorials

here are all of the tutorials linked - good luck

Ooh, there’s a rabbit hole that’ll have to wait another day. Thanks though 👍🏻

Sorry I’m late, well as @Carson said, you can find many in #tutorials and also on the official YouTube account of Infinite Flight!

@Carson Are you doing another one of these events tomorrow as well? Preferably a bit earlier… was a great flight but I had to leave to do some of my “responsibilities” …

The whole point is that it’s at this time. If it doesn’t work for you, there are always other events.

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