[Closed] Middle East Airline Flight @ WSSS - 061930ZAUG15

Server: ATC Playground

Region: Singapore/Kuala Lumpur

Airport: WSSS

Time: 1930Z

NOTE: *Hey guys! Umm it’s my first time hosting an event so I’d like you all to join this random event. As the name states it’s just a quick loop we’re planning to take from Singapore Changi to Kuala Lumpur and then back. The only guideline to follow is that you must use one of the 3 major middle Eastern carriers (Emirates, Etihad, or Qatar). You could choose any aircraft type that you’d like. However if you choose Etihad, line up at a gate at Terminal 1 at WSSS, Qatar at Terminal 2, and Emirates at Terminal 3. We will pushback at 1945Z! Hope you guys can make it. Quick Note - If you do join us, you can just copy my flight plan at your corresponding gate at WSSS.

Cruising Altitude is at FL 120 and speed no greater than 275 kts.*

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No, we will park at gates in WMKK all next to each other so we can take screenshots of the event. It’ll just be like a 15 minute stopover.

what time is 1930Z??

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I’ll be there call sign Emirates 212 Heavy (Captain Kian)

I’ll be there

Airbus 388
Qatar 117 Heavy
Buzz Lightyear

I might be there. Call sign [airline] 224

Will you post instructions here?

Yes instructions will be posted here.

Count me in!

Emirates 103 Heavy

See you all!

I will be there

I will try to be there

callsign - Airliner

Hopefully all of you are still filing in. We’re going to pushback in 15 minutes.

Copy Flight Path

Sorry! There will be no flight back to WSSS

Thanks for the great event Ash! Hope to have many more soon

No problem man! Glad you enjoyed it.