[Closed] Mesa Gateway fly out! @ KIWA - 071700ZOCT18

Date: October 7, 2018 5:00 PM

Server: Expert

Airport: KIWA

Time: 1700Z

NOTAM: Since this event is in the Expert Server please use unicom respectfully.

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Welcome to the first event in my fly out series!

Over the next several months I will be doing a fly out series. I will go to different airports across The United Sates and Canada. If you would like an airport featured in one of my events please feel free to PM me. :)

Today’s featured airport: Mesa Gateway

[IATA: AZA ICAO: KIWA] Mesa Gateway is an airport located in Mesa Arizona. Which is in Maricopia County. Mesa gateway was previously known as Williams Air base. It is now known as a Focus City for Allegiant Airlines and has seasonal flights to Calgary with WestJet. Mesa has seasonal flights to Edmonton with Swoop Airlines and Flair Airlines both are starting this fall. Flair will be doing flights to Winnipeg starting this fall also. I chose this airport for my first event because I have been there many times and it is one of my favorite airports.

Gate Assignments

Commercial Gates

Gate 1: Allegiant A320 AZA-BOI I @Michael_Czyz I Allegiant 2450
Gate 2: Allegiant A320 AZA-PVO I @Spencer_Clark1 I
Gate 3: Allegiant A320 AZA-BZN I Open
Gate 4: Allegiant A320 AZA-CVG I @Plnelovr I
Gate 5: WestJet 737-700 AZA-YYC I @JetBlast_2119 I WestJet 219
Gate 6: Allegiant A320 AZA-BLI l @Lebbix I Allegiant 2606
Gate 7: Allegiant A320 AZA-PIE I Open
Gate 8: Allegiant A320 AZA-OAK I @Rodrigo_Villalobos I
Gate 9: Allegiant A320 AZA-LAS I @Kamryn I Allegiant 517
Gate 10: Allegiant A320 AZA-PIA I Open

Cargo 1 Swift Air (Generic 737-800) I AZA-GSO
Cargo 2 Swift Air (Generic 737-800) I AZA-HIO

General Aviation Gates

You may choose any GA aircraft to any destination please state below
GA 1: I AZA-LAX I @Alaska170 I Alaska 170
GA 2:
GA 3:
GA 4:
GA 5:
GA 6:
GA 7:
GA 8:
GA 9:
GA 10:
GA 11:
GA 12:
GA 13:
GA 14:
GA 15:
GA 16:
GA 17:
GA 18:
GA 19:
GA 20:
GA 21:
GA 22:
GA 23:
GA 24:
GA 25:
GA 26:
GA 27:
GA 28:
GA 29:
GA 30: TBM 930 I AZA-SJC I @AlaskaAir I N930IF

I hope to see you all at Mesa Gateway on October 6th!


Helped you out with the title a tiny bit. :)
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This is my first event so my bad thank you. :)


Can I take gate 5 as WestJet 219? Thanks!

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I have never been to KIWA before, just KPHX. I wonder what it is like. Unfortunately, like the Emerald City Flyout, I won’t be able to make it as I would be up in Seattle irl at the time of this event.

Have fun!

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You cartainly may. Thank you for joining :)

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It is a really nice airport with 10 gates, a few hangars and a GA tarmac. Hope you can come next time. :)

Yes!!! I LOVE Mesa Gateway airport. That is my local airport! Sadly, I do not have Infinite Flight Pro right now. :(

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It is one of my favorite airports too! Let me know if you get a Pro subscription.

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I’ll be a alleigiant 320 to BOI

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You bet. Thanks for joining. :)

The event is one week away sign up now to get the gate you want!

Can i take gate 6? :)

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You bet, thanks for joining! What will be your callsign @Lebbix?

Allegiant 2606

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Thank you. See you at the event!

The event is two days away sign up now to get a gate before they are all gone!

Looking forward to a great event tomorrow! Sign up now to get the gate you want!

I’m ready for the flight

Worst case scenario is we would have to postpone it a few weeks so more can join