[Closed] Memorial for the Notre Dame! @LFPB- 31400ZMAY19

Server: Training

Airport: LFPB

Time: 1400Z

Spawn 20 mins before for Photo
All RAF/FAF Event!

Aircraft/s: C130,F16,F22,TBM-930

Spawn where ever is available!

(No ATC using Unicorm)
(To be added when people request to join)

If you know where the exact location is DM me and you will lead because I don’t have a close idea

Which Aircraft Are we using? I would recommend the French Air Force TMB-930.

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F22 TBM 930 F16C and the C130

Thanks for the info. Make sure to include this in your topic above. 👍

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You mentioned it and I added it! Thankyou for the reminder though!

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It is called the Notre Dame Cathedral, not Paris Cathedral.

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Ok I will change it but I Didn’t know the proper name

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