[Closed] Medical supplies transport @ KORD - 132100ZMAR16

Region: Chicago
Start Dest: KORD
End Dest: KDBQU
Take off time: 2100Z
Server: Advanvenced
I’m looking for 3 pilots for a med Airlines medical supply transport. You can make flight plans as needed I’m planning on taking off on runway 27R at o’hare and landing on Runway 31 at Dubuque. See you all there.
Meet me at FedEx cargo parking aircraft cesna 208

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I’m in. What kind of aircraft?

What time in EST?

Air craft cesna 208

It will be in 14 minutes

2100Z is in 1 hour 13 minutes. But I’m ok doing it either way

Ok see u their im logging in to the advanced server

Im parked FedEx parking cargo sc10

I was just about to ask you that

Is this still happening?

Yes but we did it has 2000Z instead. We’re half way to our destination if you would like to join

Oh sorry. I’m in a 748 freighter right now

Wow, maybe I should of done a practice flight first. Really rough landing to say the least. Guess I need to mess around with the Cessna from time to time

I tried catching up but you guys were going too fast

lol I waited until right before you turned base. I had to get started on dinner though and couldn’t hang out for your landing. Hopefully it was much better than mine