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MaxWkend Quiz 2: Where am I Bound? Thru the “Pillars of Hercules” to the Kingdoms disputed last Bastions Aerodrome!
Correct response=Raging Peanut!

The region is where continents divide. The Airport had military “Ape’s” (Marquette’s )guarding it till 1991. (Correct Answer names the waterway astride the “Pillars”, ID’s the airports by Name/ICAO Code and very briefly explains the Legend of the Ape’s)



Dunno where you are headed but are you flying into the Mediterranian between Spain and Africa?

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This is much harder than the other one!
Will have lots of thinking to do

Is gibraltar a good answer
The water is the Strait of Gibraltar
Legend:In the Greek mythology, the Rock was one of the Pillars of Hercules. The apes helped send the Spanish away or something like that…

Follow up: Is the airport in the Eastern Block? The Soviet Union fell in 1991.

Only complete answers accepted. Max

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Bound to Gilbraltar, ICAO: LXGB. The story of the “apes”, or more commonly referred to as the macaque, are the monkeys that live in Gilbraltar. The macaque population had been present on the Rock of Gibraltar long before Gibraltar was captured by the British in 1704 and according to records, since prior to reconquest of Gibraltar from the Muslims. It was during the Islamic period where a purported introduction may have taken place.[2] In his work Historia de la Muy Noble y Más Leal Ciudad de Gibraltar (History of the Very Noble and Most Loyal City of Gibraltar), written between 1605 and 1610, Alonso Hernández del Portillo, the first chronicler of Gibraltar, wrote:

“But now let us speak of other and living producers which in spite of the asperity of the rock still maintain themselves in the mountain, there are monkeys, who may be called the true owners, with possession from time immemorial, always tenacious of the dominion, living for the most part on the eastern side in high and inaccessible chasms.”

In his History of Gibraltar (1782), Ignacio López de Ayala, a Spanish historian like Portillo, wrote of the monkeys:

“Neither the incursions of Moor, the Spaniards nor the English, nor cannon nor bomb of either have been able to dislodge them.”[3][4][5]

Repeated introduction of animals and the lack of reliable data concerning founders of the Gibraltar macaque population has obscured their origin. The fact that all extant Gibraltarian mtDNA haplotypes were also found in North Africa, combined with the lack of fossil evidence of M. sylvanus in Gibraltar at the end of the last glaciation, greatly diminishes the possibility that the Gibraltar macaques represent or include any remnant of the original European population, a possibility which can nevertheless not be excluded.[6] Indeed, it had been earlier suggested that the original Gibraltar macaques were a remnant of populations that had spread throughout Southern Europe[7] during the Pliocene, up to 5.5 million years ago.[8] The Macaca sylvanus species is listed as endangered by the IUCN Red List and is declining. About 75% of the total population is found in the Middle Atlas mountains.

During the Pleistocene, this species inhabited the Mediterranean coasts and Europe, reaching as far north as Germany and the British Isles. The species decreased with the arrival of the Ice Age, to extinction in the Iberian Peninsula 30,000 years ago.

Raging peanut hopefully, please.


@Arjun_Dayal…MaxSez: Perfect Responce! Thank you for the time and effort.
Ya da WINNER! Here’s your Max Raging Peanut;



@Captain_Zen… Great try, Close but no cigar. Thanks for your continual support. Warm Regards



Photo’s: 1 on the Apron/Tarmac over shadowed by the “Rock”. 2/3. Going Around, uncontrolled Field. Eye Balling looking for rway obstructions, the sock/wind conel etc. (Old Habits)

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Gibraltar airport and approach 🇬🇮


Better align yourself up with the runway a little better next time, Max! ;)

I like that jet so much it like a cirrcus(hopefully I spelt it right) plane but I can not wait to get it.

@Delta_Alpha_Lima. MaxSez… Sounds like the kettle calling the pot black Son.
The port is traffic free, No Unicom intent call, Not flying the pattern, just eyeballing/orienting in this “uncontrolled” Airspace. Intentionally offset of the STAR. Just out of curiosity when did you get your Sport Pilot Tickets. You show me yours, I’ll show you mine! LOL

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@Kwenzo1… MaxSez: Cessna Citation X…

Let me just say one thing…you really have a tick for putting flavor into your paragraph-long comments! Makes you unique! (well of course the MaxSez makes you unique also) ;)

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