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The Graphic is the actual Flight Director (FD) from a; B-777, 757 & 767. it’s similar in most respect to the IF FD except for the data displayed. This FD like IF’s is a “Cross Bar” FD. The symbology and Speed/Altitude tapes are almost identical. Look closely at this FD. Test your knowledge, answer the following questions completely for a win & your name in lights:

  1. What dose the horizontal straight white line in the center of the FD represent, why is it blue above the line and brown beneath?
  2. At the Top of the FD display you’ll note a calibrated hall moon shaped colomiter with a pointer below it. what is its purpose?
  3. A center white horizontal/vertical line bisects the the FD. There are numbers associated with the horizontal lines, what do they indicate?
  4. Note the Airspeed in the tape speed window. It’s 162 knots, what is the equivelant Ground Speed in mph?
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It depends on the gift you’ll give😊

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FD of 737 no? - -’

  1. The white line represents the horizon the blue is the sky, the brown in the ground.

  2. Is your roll indicator telling you how many degrees of bank your at.

  3. I’m not sure what exactly your talking about but in presuming your talking about the sides and bottom. Which would be the center marks for roll and pitch.

  4. I can tell his airspeed and altitude but don’t see a OAT, or relative wind. So I can’t calculate it properly.


MaxSez: “😂”


MaxSez: Where do you see “737” ?

@Brandon_Sandstrom. MaxSez

  1. correct
    2). Turn/Bank
    3). Just the #10 What does it represent
    4). KISS… Just convert Kt to mph,
  1. Artificial horizon
  2. Angle of roll
  3. Pitch in degrees
  4. Around 186?

Easy ;)

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10 deg of pitch
186.43 MPH

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MaxSez: not complete but I’ll give it to you with Brandon!

1). Blue & Brown… sky/earth
2) Technically, Turn & Bank


sorry, my error

  1. The horizon, blue is for sky, and brown for the ground.
  2. Helping to indicate bank angle.
  3. Degrees of pitch.
  4. 186 MPH is 162 knots IAS.

Was I correct @Maxmustang?

@Potato_pilot… Yes, you where late in. I use the time code on the response.
I’ve gonna require more technically correct answers in the future. Below are preferred responses:

1). Blue/Brown correct what happened to the last part the “Artificial Horizon”
3). It’s a Turn and Bank Indicator.

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