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The Technician shown is servicing a critical system mounted n both the front and the rear of most airliners over 5o seats. Identify the System.


I don’t know the name of the pipes, but a “Honey Truck” takes out all the waste. Waste Removal, maybe?


@Patrick_U… Right on, the GSE Unit is called a “Lav Truck”. It’s function is similar to an RV Dumping Station. You can always identify a Lav Tech in training, they have "Blue Hand’sand sometimes there faces are blue to.
Beware of the Blue Ice found in your yard. Call the Fire Department HazMat Unit. Lol

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I am pretty sire that it is the waste removal truck or the air conditioning system that is used when the plane is at the gate.

@N1RG… Never saw an Air Conditioning Unit on the Ramp! Only a GSE Air Start Unlt (ASU) when on ground power. The craft uses the on board Aux Power Unit (APU) When disconnect from ground power until engender start. Both the ASU & APU provide ram air to run the on board air conditioning units. (Packs)
Until start. Correct answ above.

They do have them connected to the jetway.

MaxSez: “@N1Ri… FYI… Ground Power” units are generators of static electricity thus a safety hazard… They are routinely grounded on rubber wheeled-cart/vehicles + grounded by cable to a static port on the ramp. Permanent units at some newer airports are routinely located near the Jetway not on the jetway. On the jetway they are considered a shock safety hazard and well shielded.

@Maxmustang This is what I am talking about image

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In most major airports (In Europe and Asia to my knowledge) the GPU and aircon unit hoses/connectors extends form the jetbridge.

P.S I seem to be missing all of these questions and everyone else answers them before i even get a chance to see the question 😂


@Annonymouse115… MaxSez: Ok, On/Near point Taken. Let’s not quibble, minor correction made. . (This Topic is primarily focused on the Fledglings. Technically perfect questions would leave 75% of the community at a loss. I use the KISS Principle, bare with me.
(Info: @N1RG)

@N1RG… MaxSez: Appears from this small photo displayed tthe air hoses are flowing from a GPU via the bridge to the aircraft. My perception. The ground or jetway question was corrected and addressed above. Regards

@Maxmustang I will just leave this here. I have talked to many ramp hands and pilots of commercial pilots and have told me that. Regards.

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