CLOSED MaxQuiz: What Am I? @N1RG Got it & an Honorable Mention;Mats forgot a/c type only Answer in comments

Consider The “White Bulbus” item first; then the long tube as a bonus question.

  1. What is the white think, what is its function?, what’s under the bulb?
    What IF aircraft is it mounted on?

2). What’s the long Rod like thing. What’s it name? What’s it’s function?

It’s on a c208.

I like big pixels


C208, right hand wing

Is the rod a pitot tube and isn’t the ball for antennae?

The “ball” part on the wing is what’s called a radome (short for radar dome) which is a capsule protecting a radar antenna. :) The rod next to it is the pitot tube :)

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I second that and the plane is a Cessna 208 Caravan

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Have to describe what the second one does.

The Pitot Tube? The Pitot Tube measures dynamic air pressure that it displays on the airspeed indicator

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The pitot tube measures the indicated air speed (IAS) on the aircraft. It’s one of the few instruments on modern planes that still goes within the “static instruments” category, i.e. not electrical or computer driven.

@Mats_Edvin_Aaro. You win again Mats we know your background! Give the Fledglings a chance! Rather unfair advantage Don’t you think. You forgot C-208 gotta give it to @N1RG

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LOL! Sorry, I’ll back down… ;) :P

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Cessna 208.

  1. Radar thing?

  2. I’m going to guess that the rod is a pitot tube for IAS?

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@Maxmustang Did I win??

@N1RG. You da man! Ya slipped one over on Mats LOL, good show!


I answered just a few minutes too late, and not even close to first, lol.

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Was I wrong @Maxmustang?

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@Narroc_Wim… You where very close my friend. The winner & number 2 where very concise and expanded there answers. I look for best most explainitir remarks. The quiz and responses are ment as learning vehicals for the Fleidging. Aviation trivia is food for the inquizative mind. Regards, Msx

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MaxSez: What’s under the cap, a weather radar, note the C-208’s dash. The radar/Wx repeater is the screen to the right of the instament containing the HUD! What’s that Called for an honorable menthion?

PFD-Primary Flight Display

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