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Thank you!

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Perfect! Am almost tempted to say " no excuses then!" But as we know descions made in a business world is less straight forward! However I think that the re-activation of ATIS would be a big step forward in keeping the “sim” side of the app alive and kicking!

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What’s ATIS?

This have been answered above

Lots of opinions here very intrresting

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Oh okay! Thanks!

@jdag2004… MaxSez: the answer is in the Question.

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For the next update, it’s a new aircraft confirmed now.
Nothing about ATIS confirmed. See ATIS feature topic for talking about it

GLOBAL is the #1 priority of FDS… all said, you can’t change that.

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I would love to say ATIS but that won’t do anything on unicom on expert or any other servers. Unless of course, Infinite Flight makes changes to the users and how to deal with them (Not increasing the requirements)

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@grxninesix… ATIS is a festering wound. It will not impact Global, or the 130.
It’s not a major undertaking all it needs is a tweet. If it’s not kept on the front burner it will die and be buried in a nameless grave.
There is a method to the madness. Regards,

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@Natzoo… Disagree it will correct many wrongs on the Expert and if installed on TR-1 it will be a learning vehicle for trainees with more than a 200 operation count. Think long term.

Yes but many players on TS1 are trolls or just do what they want. There is no authority, even loyal users don’t listen to ATC. For ATIS to be implemented IMO we need more control.

And control may be exercised where it belongs.

On Expert server.

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@Natzoo. You want Control tell your peers and friends to “Report User”. Thst’s control you control. Write a Topic on “Report User” and start reporting. As for the Troll’s I run right thru them, there annoying, just swat them. I chase them on the. TR.S and screw up there dope. Where there’s a will there is a method. Max

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@zbelle. Just as a matter of interest are you always negative and smarmy? Do you ever have a positive thought? Think deeply. ATIS benefits competent pilots
I’d be pleased to hear your candid views tomorrow by PM. Regards


Sadly Max not everyone reports users :(. It’s really annoying

I have positive thoughts.
I’d rather just have New Aircraft before ATIS, after Global.

I make it a point to not report users outside of Expert as it doesn’t affect me materially.

Right but on expert when tower or an ATC leaves it becomes the causal server until a mod is on

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What about the users on TS1 which aren’t a troll Andrew have to deal with the trolls who pull out on a runway despite ATC telling them otherwise. Can’t they have the option to ghost users aswell as the controllers on the expert server.

Btw I am grade 2 so I am unable to “just fly on expert server”

I have no issue, just an idea due to the new rankings to fly on expert server