CLOSED. MaxMidWkQuiz: Where Am I? Winner @CBRO is the man of the hour.....

MaxSez: For a Combat Peanut. Where Am I & Closest Class B Airport?

(Note: GeoCoord, In the air or a plane don’t count!)

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Somewhere in Arizona in a small town called Salome. 2 NM West of the city. Please the peanut…
Coords (With some give or take):
33-47-14.7000N / 113-38-32.7000W

The Grand Canyon? I am not too sure what airport is near that.

It’s Arizona, you can tell by the ILS indicator the closest airport is AZ40.

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Closest Class Bravo airport is KLAS!
@Maxmustang please I want another max peanut!

Grand Canyon National Park; KPHX, since it’s the only Class B airport in AZ.

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Wouldn’t it be KPHX?

MaxSez: Close All but incomplete. Answer all the questions!

Do you want your coordinates where the picture is taken? I have answered all the questions!


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I don’t think @Maxmustang saw this, but I could be wrong.

@Cbro4… MaxSez: Ya got it. Congrats , Goid show…image


Wait, but PHX isn’t the closest airport to the Grand Canyon. Las Vegas McCarran is. Just because it’s in the same state doesn’t mean it’s closest…


Max, I would check again. ForeFlight and SkyVector show KLAS as the closest Class B airport.

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MaxSez: Ok nearest LAS For Some. , BUT I was useing Road Miles, LOL, DEALERS CHOICE. The winner was the only entry that Stated both Grand Canyon and my ICAO in one responc. Is’nt this fun… Don’t go away mad folk, just go away, it’s over, Max has Spoken… Thanks for participating see you again next time…

That’s fair I guess, good measurement!

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Thank you, sir. (20 char)

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Don’t know if you guys saw it, but I’m doing my first event if anyone wants to join.

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