CLOSED MaxHolidayQuiz: Where am I + (SpecXMasPrize). WM. Jones got this hands down, a Hard One!

MaxSez. What Country, What Mountain, Closest Class B by Name & ICAO.?

Winner gets Max Special Holiday Prize.


Somewhere in the US desert, prob near Vegas

It looks like Australia, not sure about the rest.

Tanzania? Kilimanjaro 😂

Kilimanjaro Intl airport Tanzania HTKJ?

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Kilimanjaro for the mountain

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@William_Jones. MaxSez… WAIT! This was a difficult one, I’ll let the airport slide. You win, You must have traveled in WAfrica, where when or you cheated. Which or Where and When.

Here’s your Prize, Merry Christmas


Save the coal pic to your camera roll send it EMail to a friend. Save the postage for the card, that’s the real monitory gift.


Coal??? lol, seems @William_Jones isn’t on the nice list this Xmas…

Never really been to that part of Africa but I noticed the satellite imagery wasn’t 30 mm and so I guessed the biggest I could think of where there was no 30 mm so really an educated guess

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