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  1. The 1st photo is of a (pressure) entry/exit hatch on an airliner. The Hatch has a “Red Strap” affixed to it. What is it’s pupose? What does it indicate?

2). The 2d photo depicts a hazard to aviation and civilians on the ground.
What is it


First correct response gets an IF Peanut!


1: the stripes says slides are armed. If you open doors slides inflate

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2: it s toilet liquid that can exit from the plane and ice

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@Fall_Etto… Well Done… Here’s a Peanut:

1: Stap across window, Slide Armed - Strap as depicted, Slide Unarmed!
2. Don’t eat the blue or yellow ice, LOL.

(Bonus: Why are some Ramp Dog’s nicknamed “Blue’ey” or "Juice?



Yeeeeeeeeee!!! Thank you! !!!

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@Maxmustang From opening the lav service door and getting nailed with the blue juice?

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@N881RA. BZ, Ya got it, Well done! Max image

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Thankfully ‘Blue Loo’ is getting rarer and rarer these days as most aircraft are tanked now.

I do remember a famous old Airbus 320 on the fleet that was known as the blue whale due to the flowing lines of the Blue Loo leak from the forward toilet that ran gracefully along the fuselage!



Would NOT wanna get hit by some aircraft ice dookie.


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