CLOSED MaxFledglingQuiz: Fuel Planning.. @Dubya an aviator is the winner. He's the man. see his answer and learn!

MaxSez: Your preflighting and you calculate your gross weight at 2530lbs, your about to launch on a cross country of 90 miles… To be on the safe side you add 5 gallons of AvGas per each Wing tank. Your gross take off weight is 2580lbs. What’s your gross weight after refueling? Is your refueled gross weight within the margin of safety, why?

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You’re overweight, over MTOW. One gallon of 100LL weighs 6 pounds, 10 extra gives you 60 extra pounds, which puts you 10 pounds over MTOW


@Dubya… MaxSez… Excellant partial correct ansewer. How about the margin of safety question. Yes/No your rationale. Close but no cigar…

Ah! Well, if you’re over MTOW, you’re outside the envelope of manufacturer guaranteed safety. Take less fuel, stay below MTOW, and make a fuel stop along the way. Have a burger. This would be a firm NO GO for me

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