CLOSED. Max What Am I; "CPDLC". @Infinite.flight & @Flyfifer. Well Done!

MaxSez. Subject system would be a good fit into IF Comm Capabilitys.
With the introduction of Global VHF/HF voice dead spaces must be considered for those flying Great Circle Routes. The Northern Route known Shanwick Oceanic voids for example should not be overlooked. CPDLC and possibly ACARS would be a good fits and is recommended for a future update.

1)What do you think about the suggestion above Community??

  1. The Question: What is “CPDLC” and basically. how does it work?
    Ansewer: “Controller Pilot Data Link “C””. Basicly a Text msg link.
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Computer pilot data link communicator I believe. Air traffic controllers and pilots can communicate over this data box.

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@Infinite.flight… You Win…Good show. Gonna leave it open for the opinion piece . You’ll get your name in lights later today. Max

(It’s Pilot to Controller not Computer, it’s a data link C basicly a text msg. Google is your friend)

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It amazes me how much I learn from your topics.

Thanks for making the forum a better and more informative place.


Ah I knew that. lol I was trying to do it from my memory and not google ;) no fun there.

And I think this would really be helpful. Then ATC could contact individual pilots about personal problems without maybe embarrassing him. Just some ideas

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Expected benefits of CPDLC implementation in continental airspace?

Frequency congestion on sector frequencies is a well-known constraint. Voice communication tasks represent between 35% and 50% of the tactical (executive) controller’s overall workload.

The use of a supplementary communication medium like CPDLC offers the potential to relieve some congestion, enhancing existing communications between the air and the ground, and offering unambiguous transmission of routine messages between controllers and pilots. In addition, shortcomings such as stuck microphones, blocking of frequencies or simultaneous transmissions are avoided, contributing to the overall safety of the ATC system. CPDLC contributes to reducing the pilot’s and the air traffic controller’s communication workload, and allows them to concentrate on other essential tasks.

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MaxSez: @Flyfifer… Excellant extract and a great subject for a complete Topic.
Get the system enough attention maybe it will rattle FDS’s cage! Regards.

CLOSED… @SkyHighGuys got 1, @Flyfifer got 1


Now I’m frightened. Don’t want to rattle them youngsters cages to wake them up from their slumbers and spit their dummies (pacifiers) out.

Oh and that is NOT a reference to our FDS superiors by the way.

Message to pilots out in IF land. There are some sensible peeps out there who can write long sentences and spell correctly.

Much respect Mr Mustang.

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