[CLOSED] @Marshall_Hilfman ATC Tracking thread

Decided to make a new one of these after my oldest one was closed and this one should be closing very shortly:

This will likely be my last one as I hope to become more active on ATC. So don’t worry mods no reason to close this one, but probably the last one.

TIME: 21:30-21:45Z
DATE: 1/16/18

CURRENT AIRPORT METAR: KCID 162152Z 30011KT 10SM CLR M12/M17 A3060 RMK AO2 SLP386 T11221167

As I said on your other thread, it’s not closed. Please keep it to only one tracking thread. Thanks!


Lmao flexing modlike muscles, “Please keep one tracking thread, thanks.” Let’s have people in authority decide. If I had too much doubt in my mind I wouldn’t have made the new one.

The whole deal of a tracking thread is so that you keep one thread to track all of your ATC ops. No matter when or where it may occur. I’m not trying to be a mod, I’m just making sure that everyone is abiding by the rules. No need to get angry sir.

If you would like some advice on how to work a tracking thread, basically you edit your title to say [Closed] when you’re closed, and then [Open] when you’re open. When you open a new place, always post in your thread with the location and the time you’ll be there.

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Anyways open at KSEA. Nice quick response to my post @RealAviation1974 lol

I’ve seen it before. I know how tracking threads work. If you look at my old one I did it the exact way you said.

Okay, then I’m confused why you made a new one.

Well seriously, is ANYONE coming to KSEA? Literally 1 plane in 30 miles lol.

So you know 260AE and the grade 4 at BFI are both unknown on my screen.

@William_Armstrong & @RealAviation1974

Before i delete your posts, which is pretty irrelevant. Know this:
We have a 60 day limit for editing posts & topic. The reason he created this one is because he couldn’t edit the old ones title because of this limit. :)



Absolutely horrible absurd behavior. A grade 3 never said a word to me on frequency, immediately pushed back with FLP “SEA-SLC-SAN” and went for a full power takeoff ignoring any of my instructions. A B777 grade 4 who was never cleared to land slammed down on 16L at something like -1000FPM, and nothing else happened the entire half an hour I was on. I believe the Delta pilot was @swaflightattendent. What is happening here?!

ATC is NOW OPEN at KCID! I will be taking up APPR so if you’d like to head over from KMUT, KAWG, or KIOW in a C172! Feedback is appreciated, should be open for 10-30 min.

2 things, if you are posting on a tracking thread you should generally be open a little bit longer and it still says your open

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Forgot to close, sorry.

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