[CLOSED @ LPPT] Noah_Stern's ATC Tracking Thread

Practicing for IFATC Test in the future! I would appreciate some tips! Thank you all for helping me get there! Please come on by! Once you spawn out, please send me a PM @Noah_Stern to let me know how I did and ways to improve.

Location: LPPT

Frequencies: Ground (121.75) and Tower (118.95)

Time: 2200Z - 2255Z

Server: Training

Status: OPEN

Remarks: Taking off Runway 21. Landing Runway 21.

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I’ll come by for a few patterns

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I’ll come do patterns in a little while, 30-45 mins

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On my way n561jv

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Just departed as a Citation X, and although it was line up and wait and take off, you’re management with 4 aircraft was very good!

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Thank you very much! I appreciate the feedback!

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Thanks for opening up! A few things I noticed were:

  • You picked an airport with really gusty winds which made it hard to do patterns. Try picking an airport with better weather in the future ;)

  • You cleared me for the option and said right traffic after clearing me for takeoff with right traffic. You only need to give traffic commands with landing clearance when you have an inbound aircraft (for touch and goes), a runway change, or a pattern change (which you did when you told me left traffic after I had been doing right traffic). Don’t worry, it’ll make sense later.

  • When telling someone to turn base use the “turn base” command. You told me to enter right base. Turn base should always be used after being told that you’ll call my base.

Other than those 3 things, you did pretty good! Hopefully I’ll see you controlling on the Expert server soon :)


Thanks a lot! This is how I am going to get better! Appreciate the feedback! I’m sure I’ll see you soon in UVA!


I am sorry I did not get to do more patterns. I was not clear why you made me line up and wait at first. When you cleared me to take off, you should have given me a pattern instead of telling me the pattern to enter after I took off. Good job with resequencing. Also when I slowed down after landing you should have given me exit instructions.

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It seems like I cleared you and told you to make right traffic. Overall, though, thanks for the feedback and I will be sure to use it when controlling on the expert server. Thanks! :)

Hi mate. I was E438.
Overall very good job, you handled it very well.

A bit of confusion at the beginning, you sequenced me as number 3, but it really was number 2.

The other points the same as @DiamondGaming4 said.

See you soon :)


Thanks man!

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Thank you to everyone for coming!

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