[CLOSED] Long Light Flight @ KBOW - 010100ZOCT17

Hey guys! Join me for a long cross region GA flight. This will be a relaxing event that should take at least two hours. The aircraft for this event will be the Cessna 172, (please no Cirrus or 208 as they cruise faster). The cruising speed will be 95 knots and we will cruise at FL100. The event will start at KBOW (Bartow Municipal Airport) and do a touch and go at 72X (Tavernaero Airpark) cruise between these two will be FL040 and 90 knots. Then we will land at KTMB (Miami Executive Airport). We will follow this flight plan: (you can just copy me.)

Server: Training

Region: South Florida

Airport: KBOW

Time: 0100Z

NOTAM: The event should be conducted in a proffesional manner. This means we need to mainting proper spacing. Tapping others rudders with your engine isn’t a good thing… the touch and go at Tavernaero Park should go the same, with spacing at least 6 miles between planes to ensure good landings without incident. Use of both 09L and R should be taken at Miami Executive.

I will assign gates at KBOW below:



GA 01: @Marshall_Hilfman
GA 02: @Jimmily
GA 03: @Plnelovr
GA 04: @AsorbMC
GA 05: @Zacharie_LeBlanc

It is likely the hangars will be needed so I will have to put them up later.

I hope to see you all there, take some great screenshots!

ATC would be appreciated. PM me if you’d like to be ATC:



EDIT: Turns out I have something going on Friday night. Simply moved it to Saturday Night. It also seems as if there isn’t a Miami Executive Appr, so we will use Miami Int’l Appr instead.

I want to also say I’m sorry for those in Europe who cannot make it. This time happens to work for me and I’ve been wanting to do this event for a long time.


Can I have a join as I am going to have a long holiday? :)
By the way, do we have cruising altitude and speed between 72X and KTMB?
Hope all of us can enjoy the event!

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Sure thing! You can take GA02.

I stated cruising altitude and cruise speed above NOTAMS in the unitalic text.

Thanks for your reply!

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I’ll take Ga 03. Thanks!

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Gotcha! Thanks for coming.

I’ll take gate GA 04! Can’t wait to sit and relax

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Cool! Thanks for tagging along!

It would be awesome if we could fill the 7 GA spots!

Can i take GA 5 its my first event like this im not sure how to do it but we’ll see!

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I’d like to join if there’s a gate open

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Sure thing! GA05 for you.

Alrighty! FBO Bartow for you.

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Can I join ? If there is a gate one

I will try to make it

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Can you send me the list so I have the exact same flight plan?

Can I join hanger E 01

I wanna join airbus a321

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