[CLOSED] Long Light Flight 2! @ PHDH - 080200ZOCT17 [CLOSED]

I feel really guilty after missing my own first event and leaving all you guys out there doing nothing, I promise I’ll make this one! Maybe we can make LLF a new thing ;)

Server: Training

Region: Hawaii

Airport: PHDH

Time: 2000Z

NOTAM: *This event will take place at PHDH or “Dillingham”. There will be virtually no difference between the first and second LLF’s, cruise is 10,000ft, cruise speed is 100 knots, and aircrafts are C172 ONLY. As with the last event and always, we will make a touch and go at a small airfield in honor of all forgotten airfields on IF. This time around it’s HI05, or “Honokaa Airstrip.” When conducting the touch and go at HI05 please maintain a safe distance for good landings. Use of both runways at Hilo will be allowed, so yes you can deviate from the FPL. Cruising from HI05-PHTO is FL050, and 100 knots as well.

Here’s the flight plan (or you can copy me): IMG_1987

As Dillingham is an uncontrolled airport, ATC will only be necessary for the approach. Please contact me via DM if interested.

PHTO APP: @Mickell_Augustine
PHTO TWR: @johnnybravoe
PHTO GND: @johnnybravoe

Gate assignments below:

GA North 01: @Marshall_Hilfman
GA North 02: @Kevin_Potthast
GA North 03: @Brent_Adams
GA North 04: @Mirage
GA North 05:
GA North 06:
GA North 07:
GA North 08:
GA North 09:
GA North 10:
GA North 11:
GA North 12:
GA North 13:
GA North 14:
GA North 15:

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Aww darn, if it was at 2100Z I could make it.

I don’t know about that late. This is more for the US guys :( I’m busy all Saturday usually. If I didn’t commit I’d simply move it for you. But I promised to everyone I’d come. 👍

Oh, I’m a moron, I thought it was a weekday. I can make the event, sign me up, please!

Ah ok lol, it’s next saturday 8PM CST. You got GA02 N!

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2000 isn’t 8PM CST, its 3…

I meant to put 0200Z, that idiot @Marshall_Hilfman can’t get anything right these days… I wonder why he’s so dumb! 🤔 Back on topic.

May I ask to act the Tower?

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Sure! You got the job. Maybe we’ll get some IFATC APPR 👌

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Not on the Training Server since they only control on the Expert Server and IFATC “technically” doesn’t do events.

Can you reserve a gate for me?

I already told @johnnybravoe in a PM “yeah we probably won’t get IFATC” 😜

Sure thing! GA03N for you.

I would like to be approach.

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Alright. Gotcha. Cya there!

Sorry, I have my baseball game from 7-9 so I won’t make it :(

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Not an issue. I didn’t even make the last one so your all good xd.

FL100 is 10,000 feet.

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I would like to join. Add me pls!!

Gotcha! Check your gate above.