[Closed] London Region Air to Air Refueling @ EGVA - 072000ZSOCT15

Server: *ATC Playground"

Region: *London"

Airport: “EGVA”

Time: *2100 GMT ( Zulu +1)

NOTAM: *Tanker Air to Air refuling practice.

A330 “Generic” c/s “CXV110” will be acting as RAF Voyager MRTT and will be conducting Air to Air refuling sortie. Departing EGVA and transit to EGSA at FL320 @ 320 KTs IAS. Then conduct ATR EX from EGVA to EGMD race track pattern x2 at FL200 at 240 kts before transit from EGMD back to EGVA.

Push back from EGVA at 2000 GMT. All Fighters and C17 welcome to join for fuel.

Happy contrails!

please rename your topic to event standard : London Region “Air to Air refueling Ex” 072000ZSOCT15

Ok thanks, missed the instructions in naming culture…have renamed.


Some pics from the flight!