[CLOSED] London Luton on Advanced! 🇬🇧

Hello all!

I’ve passed my test, with lots of help from all those on the playground!

I’m on EGGW Tower/Ground.

If you’d like to do some pattern work, touch and goes or full stop landings at Luton in London on the Advanced Server, come on over! 🇬🇧

Using RWY08 for takeoffs and landings.

City and Heathrow are also both being lovingly controlled by @hubandspoke1 and @Zachary_Meir_Tish, respectively.

See you there!
Tom Hitchings (prev. First Officer Tom)


Congratz!!! I’m probably going to have mine today. Wish me luck!


Fingers crossed! Good luck :)


Well done! I need more XP :-(…

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Great service! You should get promoted real quickly. :)


CONGRATULATIONS🎉🎉🎉 I knew you’d make it. Coming now!

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712 operations, thanks everyone for coming! Feedback appreciated :)

Back online soon, having a half an hour coffee break!

I only did one pattern but I was happy what I saw :D Good spacing and friendly controller! :)

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@LSZH34 Thanks! I’ll be back on EGGW at approximately 19:50Z :)

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Three controllers online in the London region, hope to see you there soon!

Birmingham is now open!