[Closed] London Heathrow on TS1

Hey, I’ve just opened EGLL in the London Region. Feel free to come. Feedback is always welcome.

Are you still up? I’d be happy to help on approach!

I’m actually just about to close, not a lot of traffic anymore. Sorry!

No problem. Maybe another time. Would be better if one operates tower and ground because I often find when operating both, you have to be mostly dedicated to Tower and can’t be aware of aircraft cutting line or not giving way.

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Think you did a great job there. On,y comments I would make is from a procedural point of view as you had people taking off and landing from both 09L and 09R. Have found that normal practice with Parnell runways one is used for take off and the other used for landings. This helps to keep traffic separated as well keeps the flow of take off and landings.

At EGLL in IRL they use the Active “R” runway for takeoff and " L" for landings.

Shuttle 683

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I saw your attempted invasion of France ! 😏

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Round trip over my in laws house ( Sussex) my parents house ( Dorset) and my own ( Hampshire) before landing !

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