[Closed] London Flight @ EGLL - 031700ZAPR16

Please get there at 19:50 let me know if your coming. Callsign cook00(any single number)
Any aircraft
Any liver

What timezone? Zulu?

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BST (1 hour infront of zulu)

Anybody interested

Why has it been flagged

Because he wrote “filler”, which is forbidden.

What is ‘filler’

Now back to discussion about the event. :)

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There´s a “10 characters rule” to avoid spam, and if the comment doesn´t reach the 10 characters, you won´t be able to post it, so many people used to write “filler” in the past to go around that rule.
Writing now “filler” is an instant flag for the comment.

I’m very sorry, I did not know that “filler” was a instant flag.

I’m very sorry and I will not do it again :)

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Can you come

1950 BST is 1150 PST right? If so I can make it

I will tell you at 7:50 BST if I can come or not

Yes I think so

It’s in 20mins

Could you tell me at 19:45

My call sign is cook001 parking 102-110

Will there be ATC?

Yes and no

IF your coming please tell me now