(CLOSED) Live On TS1 KPSP TWR/GND 0100z - 0300Z

Join me at KPSP as I staff up GND and TWR for 2 solid hours.

Online now!

Pattern work will be tough as I’m already getting slammed, so if I deny your pattern work try again in 10 minutes :)

31s are in use, don’t even try using the 13s.

I look forward to seeing a lot of familiar pilots!

Feedback appreciated here under this topic.


Sounds like you’re doing an excellent job, great stuff!


Great controlling. Tonnes of aircraft but you did very, very well. Did you see me? G-BFEK! :)

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Thank you to all the pilots who participated tonight and thanks @Flightfan84 and @SWNelson for your comments.

Nelson, I do recall seeing that callsign towards the end of my shift… Might be wrong, had at least a hundred combined arrivals and departures and never got a good look at anybody’s callsign.


Also if anyone has any feedback, I’d appreciate it here :)

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