[CLOSED] Live IFATC Practice @ N/A, TS1

Hey, pilots!

(Note: Thanks to all who came!)

Here’s the information for the airport I’m currently controlling… come out and fly with me!

Current Airport:
Live Server: Training Server
Frequencies: Ground, Tower
How Long I’ll Be Open: As long as people keep coming
Active Runways:
Airport Information:

As always, constructive criticism is welcome!

See you in the skies 😁


I’ll be there - only right, considering how much feedback you’ve given me!


I’m coming in @Koby_Thomas, Infinite Flight 7

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Great to see you again :)

Great work! I couldn’t tell anything you did wrong, but then again I was one of the only ones in the pattern so I can’t judge your sequencing. Sorry for throwing in the runway changes - just wanted to keep you on your toes! :)
Great job and look forward to you being ‘IFATC Thomas’ soon!

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I appreciate a good challenge 😉

Hope you’re all having a great weekend :)
I’ll be at KCWA for a while!

Live at DFW. Come do some patterns!

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Sorry to whichever Grade 4 is trying to land here are DFW right now! For some reason, your icon is displaying a small plane like a Cessna 172, your username and callsign are “Unknown”, and it won’t let me contact you.

Good job man! Quick responses and overall, good service! 👍

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Quick question, did you also see the “unknown” aircraft? I couldn’t contact him but I heard him trying to call me

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Yeah, that has happened to me before, when I was ATC. I am not sure what it is though… 🙂

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I feel so bad 😂 Oh well. At least I’m not the only one.

Thanks for coming out today!

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Yeah lmao, no problem!

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It’s a known issue that happens sometimes - not much can be done.

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COme out to KATL! It’s filling up fast!

Hey I was the citation! You did a overall 8-10 job . Didnt seem to catch any big errors.

I was coming in hot a little on the second time by was going to see if you were going to tell me to go around, but was 25 degrees in the runway so it’s still fine.

After a couple more of these maybe one or two and you get tiny things down would recommend you to pass.

Hello! Thanks for coming out again!

Looks like most of your landings were pretty decent.

I know I’ve seen you before and you offered me your own opinions on my controlling and I have concerns regarding what you’re telling me. Please be aware, the safety/attitude of your flight is not under the control of ATC. This is something you will learn if you take any flight safety-related course (any real word flight training courses, like private pilot training, will include this information in the curriculum). If you’re coming in fast and high and don’t think you will safely land on the runway, you need to tell me you’re going around. It’s not my responsibility to ensure you’re not divebombing the airport, it’s my responsibility to make sure you don’t hit other planes, structures, or terrain, to organize traffic in a manner that will allow every aircraft to land and depart safely, and to enforce rules implemented into the IF simulator. Though you approached at an unusual attitude, if you can safely land, you’re still able to land. I’m not going to send you around because you’re not on the proper glide slope. That’s on you.

I recommend you contact one of the IFATC trainers and ask for a little help with use of ATC commands. Last time you flew with me, your radio callouts were a little off, and again, you weren’t using the right calls. For instance, when you were on left downwind for runway 08L, you announced your position as right base. Please also take into consideration that, when you are remaining in the pattern, you don’t have to report your position - in fact, IFATC personnel will tell you to NEVER report your position in the pattern unless you’re following the call with “full stop.” It is ATC’s job to sequence and clear you when we have the availability and ability to do so, which I was doing for you.

Let me know if you have questions.

Come on out, guys! We’re already pretty busy

Live at the world’s busiest airport

Come on out and fill it up! Pattern work and regular flights welcome.