[Closed] Live ATC Service at KUES Waukesha Co.

@DeerCrusher would love it if you could PM me feedback! :)

@DeerCrusher @DeltaCRJ-900 @Chad_Garnett @BluePanda900 Thank you for coming!

Thanks for the cooperation especially with the trolls involved.

If you could, I would love to hear feedback!

Thanks again for the coming to the hour service!


Sorry if I was tailgating you there a bit…the dash 8 is fun to fly fast and I sometimes get a bit carried away.


It’s all good! Not much we could really do about it. @Pilot8 kept us safe!

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It was good practice for me actually, so thanks!

I look forward to testing you if the experience is as good as I heard it was. ;)


Well, wow, that feels good.

But actually, that’s because I have become much better since last year :p

Who told you that? ;)

Where’s my tag :P lol

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You guys done? I wanted to hop in!

Oh sorry, completely forgot about ya :p

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Yeah sorry, maybe next time?

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