Closed list for global flight airports

I saw a post where there was a list of all the airports ready for global flight. Can somebody please direct me to that post

We can’t post that link in here. The only place where you can see the airports that are ready for GF, is in the link in the post I quoted.

not that post it was another one with a list of airports

Again, we can’t post it here.

This is great thread , it shows all the airports completed for global portrayed on to a map !

What was the post called

I dont want the google earth plot I want the post where it shows a LIST!!! Of airport… Does anyone know what that post was called

You’re referring to the Github link? If is that one, I have told you we can’t post it in here.

What post was the GitHub link in

What was it called?

Officially the longest post I have ever seen on the forum !


Thats what i was looking for 😊

Of course all this data is much easier to view in the Google Earth plot!


All airports are added.

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