[CLOSED] Lion Air virtual | Charter together to Macau @ WAMM - 100000ZJUN18

This time the Lion Air virtual held the next event that is charter flights.
This event is our special event which is open for all IFC members who are interested to follow it. This is one of our charter routes in the route list.
In addition to this charter route, we also have charter routes to several Pacific islands, China, Saudi Arabia, India, and Macau.

Let’s leave from the last airport to be the destination of our event, which is WAMM
because, it’s closest to china. So it is like the real world

Server: Training

Region: Southeast Asia

Time: 0000Z, June 10 // June 10, 2018 12:00 AM

Departure Airport: WAMM

Arrival Airport: VMMC

Aircraft: Boeing 737-900 (Lion Air Livery)

Estimated Flight Time: 3 hours

–If you follow this event, Please spawn at least 5 minutes before pushback from gate–

–Please use a specified aircraft and livery–

–For the Lion Air virtual member, please use the callsign “Lion / LGVA” and outside of the member is not specified–

–Follow the ATC instructions–

There is a choice of gates and also ATC if you are interested to open it during the event

GATE 01: @ouzi
GATE 02: @xtcride1974
GATE 03: @kevinlu1999
GATE 04: @Bajisa
GATE 05: @CraftyCat05
GATE 06: @rylan5300
GATE 07:

More gates will be added if required



VMMC TWR: @david_hartono_S
VMMC GND: @david_hartono_S

Flight Plan


Thank you for taking the time to catch a glimpse of this thread, I give you appreciation and receive suggestions and criticism for the next event.

  • I want the next event themed charter route
  • No thanks, the next event is a regular route only

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I’ll take vmmc ground and tower…

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Come on let’s go while there’s still a gate!

Would like a gate please

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Yeah sure! Added you to the gate 02 , sorry for delay :)

Is it the 9th or 18th?

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Its on the 10th of june

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Can I have a gate? Thanks!

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Ok. I noticed some discrepancies in the dates listed. Seen a couple different ones I thought. Thanks for the information.

Someone told me the 9th. I live in Alabama. USA. Does that matter?

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I thought the time on the announcement above is based on your time zone… if the time above says its on the 9th then its on the 9th in your time zone. But in my time sone its on the 10th :). Make sure to double check the time :)

I’m really looking forward to this. I’m going to try my very best to be there. Which I should be I don’t foresee any problems. Thanks for all the help with information and everything. I like flying with other people a lot. Anytime you want to fly just hit me up. tapoutmma1974@gmail.com. Or @xtcride1974

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Can i still join.???

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@Bajisa, Yess of course, would you like a gate?

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Yes pls!,!,!!,!!!

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I remember you your indo right

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Sign me up please! I would love to attend

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This looks like a great event best to luck!

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Welcome aboard @CraftyCat05 ! i put you on Gate 05 :)
and @rylan5300 , you’re on Gate 06 & Welcome aboard!

Thank you @OC212 :)

Ill take any gate!! Sounds like a good flight!!

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