[CLOSED] LIMC Milano, Italia - 16:00 Zulu

Update: this will close when FNF starts

For the lucky ones with Global, you could set course for LIMC Milano Italy. I will open this on Expert from 16:00 Zulu (18:00 local time). Expect to have this open for a few hours.


Is it a gruop flight, if yes i’d love to participate but i’m grade one but still good.

Grade 1 users unfortunately cannot use the Expert Server. There will be an event at KSFO at 17:30 ZULU (circa 1.5 hours from now) on all servers though!

Would join, but currently enroute to San Francisco from Bogota and will change planes and fly to Heathrow after that!


Could you please tell me aircraft and time zone? That would be awesome.

I only know the Zulu time zone, you will have to calculate your personal time zone yourself. All aircraft are allowed.


THANKS a lot, I’l follow ya.

Ive just been there, Nice airport and I might stop by again :)

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I will be joining as a second A380 please?

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Or you could just go onto Expert and find that all the controllers are controlling FNF right now. :)


I changed the title just in case.

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