(Closed) Light It Up Blue for Autism @ KOAK - 021900ZAPR17

Server: Casual

Region: San Francisco Bay Area

Airport: KOAK

Time: 1900Z

NOTAM: April 2nd is World Autism Awareness Day. In honor of the amazing people with this disorder we will be flying in any aircraft with a mostly blue or all blue livery from KOAK - KSCK. Take off from RWY 30 at OAK. Climb to 11000 feet MSL, and begin descent about 35 nm from KSCK inbound to runway 29R. Cruise speed should be 280-300 knots air speed.

Gate Assignments:

Gate 20: RTG113
Gate 21: @IceBlue
Gate 22: @Andrew2002
Gate 23: @Collin_Mihalovich
Gate 24: @Federico_1444
Gate 25: @John_Ryan
Gate 26: @Fall_Etto
Gate 27: @Shawn_Coleman
Gate 28: @J9J9T
Gate 29: @Cameron_Brown
Gate 30: @Samuel_Slater
Gate 31: JGK00
Gate 32: Captain28
Gate 3: Nkirby8
Gate 4: OHNO
Gate 5: AmericanAirlines2739
Gate 6: Mohammed_Zuhair_M_Z
Gate 7: Marelize_Maass
Gate 8: jesunoga_20
Gate 9a: SWAPWLA

Due to the last minute notice I’m not expecting a huge crowd, but i will definitely add more gates if needed!

Flight Plan:

It can be copied from me as well.

Here are some local times the event will be at:

USA EDT: 3:00 PM
USA PDT: 12:00 PM
London GMT: 8:00 PM

You are encouraged to take screenshots! Please do not pushback until I do as it gives time for screenshots! Thank you for reading, and I hope to see you there for this worthy cause!


Great meaning, sign me up. Also a tag just before please as I’m real forgetful :)


Great cause, is the time 1700z or 1900z? I can probably make 1900 but not 1700.

Its on April 2nd at 1900Z , 2017

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The post is saying 1700Z and the topic says 1900Z, so I’m a little confused.

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Its 1900… Because 3PM EDT would be 1900Z…

I’ll help spread autism awareness by joining this event. Sign me up for Gate 22.

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Sorry my bad! It is 1900Z.

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GReat event sign me up

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Such a low altitude for such a long flight plan.

I’d like to take in the scenery

This is not a long flight plan, and is a realistic altitude for the flight.

Anything else?


You wouldn’t know, you fly trash haulers!


Hello, it’s very nice to see someone making a event about this topic. Please add me to a gate. My callsign: speedbird155. Aircraft: 767-300 British airways livery.

Federico pepe.

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Can i hve a gate please. Thanks

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Your telling me that’s not a long flight plan? So I’m assuming the majority of your flights are atleast 40 minutes? If that’s not a long flight plan, I don’t know what is

I can participate, but I’n not sure. Can you give me a gate and after I’ll confirm?

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Autism is a big thing that runs in my family, please sign me up for it


Just leave! You have no interest in coming to the event, why should it concern you if it’s a short flight plan?

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" Please go away " first of, please show atleast some respect and don’t be rude. Second, I am showing interest in this event but I cannot come. Third, please don’t call me a dick, it’s not nice! There is no need for this attitude just because I said it’s a short flight plan.