[CLOSED] Liam’s ATC Tracking Thread

Spawning in now. e175 i think

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Thanks for ATC! Sent you my notes via PM! good job

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Thanks to everyone who came along and made it busy for me! Still getting to grips with lots but I hope you had fun!

Two things:

  1. When you tell me “clear for takeoff make right traffic” when you clear me for the option you do not need to tell me “clear for the option make right traffic”. You only have to do that if you are changing my runway or I am inbound.
  2. Unless you are changing my runway a pattern entry “enter right downwind” isn’t necessary. The sequencing “traffic to follow is on right base” is, so good job with the sequencing.

I feel like there was one more thing but I can’t remember. Anyway, 👌.


@Trio Thanks! So, just to try and make it clear in my mind…

You’ve asked to remain in the pattern, I give you TO clearance with Make Right Tracfic. Once airborne, I should send “Number 1 Cleared for the Option”? Or something like “Number 2, Cleared for the Option, Traffic to Follow is on Final”? I only need to give you pattern instruction if I’m changing you runway or if you’ve requested to land from another airport?

I think I’m starting to get it… Maybe?

Yes you got it. I think someone was in the pattern so first “number 2, traffic to follow is on right base”. Then “clear for the option 23R”. This is if I am remaining in the pattern.

If I wanted to change to runway 23L then you would say “enter right downwind 23L”, sequence if necessary, “clear for the option make left traffic”.

Saudia 6492 who was inbound from the south west, then he would need a pattern entry. You gave him the correct response, “enter right downwind 23R number 3 traffic to follow is on right downwind”. I did not expect him to listen. Lol

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@Trio Haha, me neither. Approach contacted and picked them up! Every day has its surprises… ;-)

Okay, great. I think I’m starting to get it a lot more with more practice I get. Sometimes I feel like just giving up and that I’ll never it, but I’m going to keep on trying. I love flying and I will love controlling!

Don’t give up. Everyone is always learning, and your quite good. You will get it. :)


Come along, fly out or get in some pattern work!

Open for around 1 hour!

Edit: Closed.

I now it’s closed but can you be ATC at LPMA in 10min?

Sorry @Goran12 I was out. Hope you got some ATC!

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Come along, fly out or do some pattern work.

Open for around 1 hour.

Expect me for some pattern work
Edited: Sorry, had to go. btw very good awareness with give way instructions. However, probably left too early, didn’t hear exit command

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Closed. Thanks to everyone who came! I hope you had fun! :)

No worries. Thanks for coming along! I gave the exit instruction as signed out. Sorry for over controlling with my give way! 😂

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That was actually quite professional

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Open for around 30 minutes. Pattern work welcomed!

Come along and have some fun! :)

Edit: Closed. Thanks for coming along!


It’s my Airport so I am coming

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Thank you for the ATC! Good job!

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Thanks for coming along. I hope you had fun! :)

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