[CLOSED] Liam’s ATC Tracking Thread

Come along and fly out! :)


Hey Liam & welcome to the community!

Instead of creating a new topic for each session, i suggest you use your previous one, or stay with this one and use it as a tracking thread. Just change to the title for when and where you’re open, and maybe add a post so it gets bumped :)


My mistake. Sorry! Thanks. :)


Still open? If you are, I’ll come down (K1LL3R-3).

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Now closed.

That was intense! Very frustrating when people don’t listen, but thanks to all those who came and followed instructions :)


I’ve added a [Closed] to your title. When you open, replace it with [Open]. Then back to [Closed] when you’re finished. Thanks!


Thanks, Reese! I’ll get there eventually!


EGPH open on Training Server.

Come along and help me practise!

Open now!

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Not bad

Few pointers

  1. Don’t need to clear direction unless there was a runway switch or the controller switched directions.
  2. Exit runway command: You might forget that when it’s busy but remember that when I’m the only one.

Get more practice in and you’ll be great

Speedbird 689 heavy


Thanks for the feedback! I don’t get what you mean by clearing direction, though?

Runway 24, clear for the option, after the option, make right traffic.

This bold part

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Great. Thanks for that and for coming along! :)

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Open for around 1 hour. Come help me get in some practice and have fun! :)

Ok then! I am on my way, so see you there.

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@Liam_Smart, Thank-you for your ATC service today. Firstly, well done on all the ground ATC, although hardly anyone was there. I really liked when you told me that I was already instructed to change to the tower frequency after my frequency change call. However, they were only 2 minor mistakes and they were:

  1. When you told me to take off and make left traffic, you don’t need to tell me to enter left downwind R08 UNLESS there is another aircraft in the circuit with me.
  2. Finally, when I told you that I was on left down for a full stop landing, you just need to acknowledge it and give me the “Number 1 cleared to land,” Instead of “Option.”

I hope you found this helpful: Well done mate!

Happy flying,


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Really helpful! Thank you! I doubted myself clearing you for the option so thanks for clearing that up. Thanks for coming along! :)

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Np, I am always happy to help when I am available!

@Gliding_Central you are confusing pattern entry with sequencing. He would sequence you “number 2 traffic to follow is on left base” for example, if someone else was in the pattern.

He would give pattern entry when the aircraft is inbound or if he would need to change your runway.

@Trio Yes, which is why I told him not to use a pattern entry. If that wasn’t clear I am sorry! =D
Edit: as I was the only one in the pattern.


Open for around 1 hour. Come along, help me practice and have fun!