[CLOSED]LHR-JFK Chosen By Choice Flight @ EGLL - 110900ZNOV17

This is the flight plan

coppy my flight plan

Gate532: @Martijn_Decates (Thats me) B777-200
Gate533: @Octoberr B787-9
Gate534: @Tosin_Salisu B777-300
Gate535: @B747fan B777-300
Gate536: @gav14thu B777-300
Gate537: @Justin_Chan 777-300
Gate538: @Harun_Koyuncu 777-200
Gate539: @Mickell_Augustine 777-200
Gate541: @The_Porsche_Kid unknown plane
Gate542: @Henry_Antonio 777-200

Virgin Atlantic A340-600, B787-9
Gate313: @turkish534 A340-600
Gate316: @Amla B787-9
Gate319: @Steven_K A340-600

take all your gates!!!

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I’ll make it. Put me down for a british 747-400

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nice take your gate and coppy my flight plan

We wait 10 minutes more for the other pilots

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oke we go egines on and pusback taki to runway L27

Speed go up to M 0.90!!! altitude go up to 37.000ft

Okay. I am about 30 minutes behind you guys

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see you soon we wait also a litle bit for the other ;)

I have to go for an hour and I will come back.

It gets really busy so on JFK there are all people from other airports!!

I am diverting to Gander International to refuel, best of luck to you guys!

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can you go slowly i have a litlle lag and than uou go faster i need to fly on top of the qeu

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have got low fuel, wanted emergency landing near by but crashed before 10nm on final at Gander int. 😤😳

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NOOOO Can you join us

Same happened to me Minutes ago


I am landing in 30 min

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Crashed again, I must braked hope see again 👍🏼

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That is a very bad pity! If you see the next event, I will remind you that you need to refuel

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