[Closed] Lets show the 717 some love! @ KONT - 211500ZSEP17

Server: Training

Region: Southern California

Airport: KONT

Time: 1500Z

NOTAM: Everybody praises all of the big aircraft. The poor Boeing 717 is lonely! Lets show it some love! To join this event, you will have to fly in a B717-200 in any livery. When asking to join the event, please tell me what your callsign will be during the event, and I will give you a gate assignment. We will be flying from KONT (Ontario International) to MMTJ (Tijuana - General Aberlado L Rodriguez International). We will also need ATC tower and ground at both KONT and MMTJ, so if you would like to do that, please volunteer. Please follow all ATC instruction, even if it diverts you from the flight route. The flight plan is shown below, or you can copy my flight plan. My callsign will be JVAZ423. We will start pushbacks at 1510Z to make sure everyone is there. We will fly at a cruising altitude of 8,000 feet, at a speed of 250 knots. You cannot join the event after 1450Z. Thanks, and have fun!

[If you have the new iOS 11, please try to screen record!]
[If you happen to take any pictures, please post them below after the event!]

Do not pushback until JVAZ423 pushes back

Cruising Altitude: 8,000 feet (FL080)
Crusing Speed: 250 knots

Flight Plan





Gate Assignments at KONT

Gate 1-01: @jakevaz423 (JVAZ423)
Gate 1-02: @AllegiantAir (Hawaiian 295)
Gate 1-03: @Big_Elijah (AirTran 760)
Gate 1-04: @Matthew_Hromek (QuantisLink 306)
Gate 1-05: @treeman183 (American 12 Super)
Gate 1-06: @Jacob_Dodd (D717NT)
Gate 1-07:
Gate 1-08:
Gate 1-31:
Gate 1-32:
Gate 1-33:
Gate 1-34:
Gate 1-35:
Gate 1-36:
Gate 1-37:

More gates will be added if needed

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Two recommendations, 1: it should be KONT not KORD😉 and 2: I think that TS1 on SoCal is not the way to go. If you want more people to come I recommend either moving it to another region, or if you want it to stay in SoCal, then I recommend doing it either on the casual server or expert server.

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@AllegiantAir Thanks! I’ll edit that now. I don’t want to do it in casual because there is not ATC and I can’t do it on Expert because I am still a Grade 2.

Then I recommend maybe doing it in let’s say, Florida, as I think then you would get a bigger crowd, I guess I’ll go ahead and take a gate though

@AllegiantAir I try to do my events in all free regions on Training Server so anybody can join. Thanks for trying to help though! Anyways, what will you callsign be?

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I’ll be Hawaiian 295, Display Name IFC-AllegiantAir

@AllegiantAir Roger that! See you there!

Can I have a gate ill be AirTran 760

@Big_Elijah sure! See you there!

I will come. My call sign will be SANDWICH. I’ll come as a 717 Qantas. Can I have a gate please.

@Mavic Sure! See you there SANDWICH!

What date is this event

@Murfjet14 Today in 2 hours

@Murfjet14 Would you like a gate?

No sorry I have to go to bed as I am in Australia

@Murfjet14 Oh it’s ok. Hopefully you can make the next one!

About 1 hour until the event!

Very sorry but I have to pull out. I hope you guys have fun.

@Mavic aww ok hopefully you can come to the next one!

Gate please Quantis306.