[Closed] Lets go to the beach EGLL- KLAX @ EGLL - 131010ZJAN18

Server: Training

Region: Planet 🌍

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Airport: EGLL - KLAX

Time: 1010Z 1010GMT*

NOTAM: Only come in a Virgin Atlantic 787-9 please come 15 to 10min earlier.*

Important FL350 Climb speed 250 M.86 VS200.
Flight time 10hrs 15min.

Event trailer


Gate 318 @Goran12
Gate 319
Gate 320
Gate 321
Gate 322
Gate 364

More gates will NOT be added.


Hey! I recommend giving longer notice for long flights. Your event will also be affected by the Red Flag Event, which begins tomorrow. Hope you enjoy your flight!

Sorry that I can’t come,

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It may not be a good time for me to join, so I will probably miss out on this event. Sorry about that. :(

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@Goran12 hey I’d love to come, if I can I will. However what’s the date?

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Ok it finished…

Oh sorry, didn’t see the date

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