[closed]Let's Go Crazy - AirShow @ KEDW - 041500ZMAR17

Server: Casual

Region: South California

Airport: KEDW

Time: 1500Z

NOTAM: Add important event information here

Hello Everyone,

This Saturday’s Event, is about “going crazy”!
Take your aircraft and livery you want, take off where
you want, when you want and fly low in the airport area and make some acrobatics…would be nice to see you taking off simoultaneously from all runways. Spawn where you want!

TARGET: having fun and making best crazy screenshots

RULES: almost none, just stay in the airport area till max 5000fts (the lower the better) / IFSFGmembers use their IFSFGCALLSIGN

Hope to see you all there!

Write in a comment that you are coming, what livery, callsign, please! :-)

Have fun!

//Ronny - CEO
//Zakariya - COO
//Moiz - Event Manager



Only im gonn join???

İ think im gonna have B777-900 generic livery idk?

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B737 300F turkish airlines

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I may come in Boeing 737-900 BBJ3 callsign: B747FAN but not conformed that I will come

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Ow its 17 march i thought it was today

Ill try to bring my Super Decathon over, i have a few tricks up my sleeve.

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Hey no don’t worry there are already 6 other pilots coming
They have checked into the event in our group IFSFG ;-)

What you want ;-) your choice!

No it’s in 4th March

The date time in the topic is to read as following:


We are looking forward to see all that;-)

I think I’ll come in my British airways 747 :)

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I will be part of you guys

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I’ll come in a Southwest Airlines 737 call sign: Southwest 762

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I will be a 737-700bbj as v112

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[Omg can I join I’ll be in my f22](http://Omg can I join I’ll be in my f22)

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March 17 is a Friday dum dum

My callsighn navy 1722

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Lol of course you can join :-)

It’s on Saturday 4th mars 2017;-) 1500UTC