CLOSED Lets fill up Cabo! Los Cabo’s Flyout! @ MMSD - 022200ZJUN19

I will add you guys after school tomorrow

Callsign : PK-OZI

I’ll have Gate 12

Ok. I’ll make sure to add you all after school

I’ll take gate 11A

Gate 10 to Guadalajara

Ill add you guys after school

Do you still want a gate

I just added everyone :D

If you would like me to change anything let me know

Check out my poll for my next event.

The event is a little over two weeks ahead. Lets try to get 15 people to attend!

Can I get a GA gate to Cancun, could I fly the 737-700bbj/A318 ACJ if neither I’ll take the Cessna citation X

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@JIA_345 you can do whichever plane you want. If you want to the BBJ you could only have FBO Stand 35, 36, or 37 due to gate sizes

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I’ll take the CCX

Ok I’ll put you down

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Event is in 2 days. Get your Gates now

Official PM was just sent out. You can still get Gates!

Event is in less than an hour. You can still get Gates. We will have correct departure procedures!

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