CLOSED Lets fill up Cabo! Los Cabo’s Flyout! @ MMSD - 022200ZJUN19

Hi IFC and thank you for taking a look at my event. This event will take place in Baja California in Los Cabos. This airport mainly serves Cabo San Lucas. Below is all of the info you need if you would like to attend. :D

Server: Expert

Airport: MMSD

Time: 2200Z

NOTAM: Spawn in 10 minutes early. Be respectful on Unicom. Listen to atc if there is one. Be sure to fly to the airport you are supposed to. Do not take others Gates. Use your assigned gate.

Terminal 2

Gate 11Delta A319 to KATL
Gate 11A Southwest 737-700 to KAUS @Matthew_20204
Gate 12 Southwest 737-700 to KBWI @JeromeJ
Gate 13 Westjet 737-800 to CYYC
Gate 14 American A320 to KCLT
Gate 15 United 737-800 to KORD
Gate 16 Spirit A320 to KDFW
Gate 17 Frontier A320 to KLAS @ouzi PK-OZI
Gate 18 Alaska A320 to KSJC @Piazza
Gate 18A Alaska 737-900 to KSJC @GlobalFlyer1

Terminal 1

Gate 1 Volaris A319 to MMGL
Gate 2 Volaris A319 to MMLO
Gate 3 Volaris A319 to MMMX
Gate 4 Aeroméxico 737-700 to MMMX
Gate 5 Volaris A319 to MMCB
Gate 6 Alaska 737-900 to KSFO @Oceanh
Gate 7 Volaris A319 to MMMX
Gate 8 Aeroméxico 737-700 to MMMX
Gate 9 Volaris A319 to MMLO
Gate 10 Volaris A319 to MMGL @Vidal99977

GA Gates

FBO Stand 01
FBO Stand 02
FBO Stand 03
FBO Stand 04
FBO Stand 05
FBO Stand 06
FBO Stand 07
FBO Stand 08
FBO Stand 09
FBO Stand 10
FBO Stand 11
FBO Stand 12
FBO Stand 13
FBO Stand 14
FBO Stand 15
FBO Stand 16
FBO Stand 17
FBO Stand 18
FBO Stand 19
FBO Stand 20
FBO Stand 21
FBO Stand 22
FBO Stand 23
FBO Stand 24
FBO Stand 25
FBO Stand 26
FBO Stand 27
FBO Stand 28
FBO Stand 29
FBO Stand 30
FBO Stand 31
FBO Stand 32
FBO Stand 33
FBO Stand 34
FBO Stand 35
FBO Stand 36
FBO Stand 37 @JIA_345
FBO Stand 38 @TheFlyingGuy1 37389T

If you want a GA gate please tell we which gate, which plane and where to. Let me know your callsign also.
If you want an airline gate please tell me which gate. Let me know your callsign also.

My other event

Check my poll about where I should do my next event

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I will take Gate 18 Alaska A320 to KSJC instead of KLAX

I will take gate 6. Alaska 737-900ER headed to SFO. Calsighn;Alaska 790

I’ll take a gate headed to San Jose! I’ll fly the Alaska 739 if possible. See you there

I will add you guys after school tomorrow

Callsign : PK-OZI

I’ll have Gate 12

Ok. I’ll make sure to add you all after school

I’ll take gate 11A

Gate 10 to Guadalajara

Ill add you guys after school

Do you still want a gate

I just added everyone :D

If you would like me to change anything let me know

Check out my poll for my next event.

The event is a little over two weeks ahead. Lets try to get 15 people to attend!

Can I get a GA gate to Cancun, could I fly the 737-700bbj/A318 ACJ if neither I’ll take the Cessna citation X

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@JIA_345 you can do whichever plane you want. If you want to the BBJ you could only have FBO Stand 35, 36, or 37 due to gate sizes

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I’ll take the CCX

Ok I’ll put you down

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