[Closed] Lets Fill Toronto Pearson! @CYYZ 051500ZOCT19

Can I have Aircanada YYZ to SFO?


Unfortunately, I already have two aircraft going to SFO, I have a flight to LAX on an AC 787-9 if you want that?

I will need you to respond or I cannot add you!

Just under 3 weeks until the event!

Could I have this gate? thanks

Indeed! Thanks!

What about yyz-pty

Yep! I can get you that at gate 176 in a Rouge A319!

I have added you there for now!

Let’s aim to get 40 people by next week!

I will be going Pier by Pier. When you sign up, please take note of your Pier so you know when it is your turn to push back!

I will push 1-2 piers at a time.

1st Wave: Infield Terminal, Cargo, T1 Hardstand, T3 Pier C

2nd Wave: Terminal 3 Pier A and B (excluding Gates A1A-A1D and A2-A6. Terminal 1 Pier F

3rd Wave: Terminal 1 Piers D and E

4th Wave: Terminal 3 Pier B (Gates A1-A6)

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Let’s fill up Pier F soon!

Can I switch from ACA to YEG at 138 to UPS to KDSF as an MD11.

You absolutely can!

Where is WestJet 2710 to TXFK 😡😡

I can add it for you if you would like it!

Let me know if you want the -700 or -800 since both fly the route

Yes I NEED to fly from my home city to my other home city

@Ecoops123 WSVG you in?

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Ok! -700 or -800?

-800 please!

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Okay! I have you at Gate C38! Thanks!


Unless I’m at the Cosford meet up, I should be there!

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