[Closed] Let's do a fun, quick event today! @ KAVX - 201800ZOCT15

Start: 18:00 zulu/utc today, so starting in 10 minutes!
Server: Freeflight server

Take the aircraft you want and let’s all head to KAVX. The small airport on the island north of KNUC. Just because we sometimes need to have a bit of fun being a pilot.

Watch the high cliff in your appoarch and touch down as quick as you can because the runway is very short! Hint: land at a maximum speed of 140 knots!

Quick stop is needed!

Try to stay on the taxiway ;)

And then do a quick stop at the “terminal”, more like a drivetrough at the local Mac Donalds…

YES!!! How do I share this??

Take off from KAVX? @divebuddha @Maxmustang @Boeing707 @The_Atwood_Family @GatwickGuy @Rotate @Henrik_B

Please keep events to the format

Not only take-off! Also landing of course ;)

Lol I think even citation gives bad landing unless it’s perfect and shred lots of weight. C208 fine but not flown prop much, I’ll see u there with E175 with no fuselage for pattern. :)

Perfect. A 737 is easily doable. If not perfect touch then go around and try again!! I don’t mind ATC for abit to help.

Btw what region is it? I don’t have live but i want to go there in single player ;)

Southern California.

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It’s on Free flight so no ATC. But we could switch to playground? KAVX is almost always empty in playground.

Oh I was waiting for u in playground, I see u in FS in 10min

Yes let’s make it playground then I can lose my mind doing atc

What do you guys want? Free flight server or playground?

Playground for ATC!!!,

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Alright :). @GatwickGuy let’s fly on freeflight ^^

You cant use atc for this field, disappointed haha. And you would get a violation. Better be free flight I guess

Freeflight server ^^

Yes 4kt crosswind. Lets nail it!!! I’m hot in the jet 2 7373

Sorry for the confusion guys, freeflight server it is!

Hard touchdown but the only way for kavx!