[Closed]Let’s get back to expert! @ KDEN - 070300ZJAN18

Server: Training

Region: Somewhere west of Dallas

Airport: KDEN

Time: 0300Z (10:00PM EST, January 6th)

NOTAM: *If you haven’t heard yet, Expert Server requirements have been strickened so that your ratio of landings to violations is 2:1. This leaves all of us with excessive violations “grounded” to TS1. The solution? Touch and goes. Annoying and tiresome as they may be, they’re always better with friends. So join us at KDEN to do touch and goes starting at 0700Z. This event will last all day so you can come whenever you want. More Info Below. *

Aircraft: Anything you’re comfortable doing touch and goes with. For example, don’t spawn in with an A380.

ATC: Since this is an all day event, we will lost likely need multiple controllers. If you want to be ATC, please make sure you are skilled in the art of pattern work. When requesting to be ATC, please mention what times you will be available.

ATC Assignments

KDEN Tower Operators:
@Justin_Chan 1030Z-1130Z
@Kyle.Plane 0700Z-0800Z

KDEN Ground Operators:
@Justin_Chan 1030Z-1130Z
@Kyle.Plane 0700Z-0800Z


We will be using General Aviation Gates at KDEN Terminal A.
Gate A24: @Ark_of_Ahmed.IF A330-200F
Gate A25: @DiamondGaming4 Cessna 208 Caravan
Gate A26: @Trio Citation X
Gate A27: @Goran12 DC-10
Gate A28: @KiwisFlying Cessna 208 Caravan
Gate A29: @United-Express Q400
Gate A30: @RichCar_Theif B737-8
Gate A31:
Gate A32:
Gate A33:
Gate A34:
Gate A35:
Gate A36:
Gate A37:
Gate A38:

Note: There are some people who are under the impression that this event is cheating because the new requirements are out there to keep people that can’t fly out of Expert. This event is for doing touch and goes, which is perfectly normal. Touch and goes alone are the same thing as doing touch and goes with friends. If you still think this is “cheating the system”, by all means, please flag this post.

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Tailwinds Flying Club!

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Really? I don’t think you need an event to do touch and goes lol


I thought it would be fun 😂


It’s more fun to do it together with other people. It’s a nice idea to not feel lownly doing patterns…


Then invite people to do touch and goes with you…

The only problem are trolls and newbies


We can’t really have it on expert…

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I could be ATC for the event.

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Great! Ground or tower, and what times will you be available?

Count me in! I should be there around 1000Z :)

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Actually I don’t think there will be any around KDEN. Most of them lurk around big airports like KLAX, KJFK, EGLL etc.

Great! What aircraft would you like?

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Both. 1030Z to 1130Z.

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I’ll take a Turkish A330-200F.

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The real solution? Stop racking up violations ;)


I don’t get Violations anymore. I used to get a lot of them back when I was grade 1 because i didn’t know how to descend properly. 😂


What time is it for GMT??

It’s all day on January 7, 2018 starting from 3:00AM GMT (London Time).

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Ok I’m going to join but at 8AM.

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Now that i think about it, I agree:)

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