[Closed] Let’s Fly to Beijing! @ KLAX - 060500ZJAN18

Server: Expert

Airport: KLAX

Time: 0500Z

Event Trailer:

Let’s have fun as we Fly to Beijing, be respectful and have fun!

134: @Daniel14
132: @Oli_H
130: @Javian_J
148: @Ryan_Vidad
150: @Nicolas_Betancourt

More Gates will be added if needed

Event Hosted by Tailwinds Flying Club


Who We Are
We are a group of flying enthusiasts that enjoy flying together often but understand the modern day complications with School and work.


For our current Pilots:


I’ll have a gate please

Got ya a gate! Check above!


Also, remember what happened the last time we had an event on casual?

Ok changing it now…

Changed it to Expert server

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:( sad for me I am only grade 2

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But what happen last time?

Everyone was taxiing through each other

Hi! 0500 is what time?

People collided with eachother, took off into traffic, it just went bad

9pm Pacific time …

R.I.P but what about other people who didn’t

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I was the only one along with Obsidian

I wish I could join this but expert

Keep on grinding the landings! We want expert so we can have at least a bit of professionalism

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Oh Thats 12:00 for me don’t know if i can come.Im on standby

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Oh I can’t come :(…

Sadly I only have 8 flight hrs and like 40 somthing landings

You only need 10 flight hours and 50 landings