[CLOSED] Leif_Tufte’s ATC Tracking Thread - MMMX

Come on into MMMX TS.
•Pattern work allowed and encouraged
•Departing rwy 23R
•Landing rwy 23L
Feedback is grately appreciated!

Expected close time 7:00 MST

Hello! Thanks for letting me stop by! You did good, but here are a couple things to think about next time:

  1. Your “give way to aircraft ahead” was extremely late. I would of given it a couple seconds earlier to allow the aircraft time to respond.

  2. When you changed my runway to 23L, you told me “Cleared to land.” You should of said: “Enter left downwind 23L”, and then “PTV, Number 1, Cleared for the option, runway 23L”. This would let me know that I am allowed to still do pattern work, as cleared land is telling me to land and exit runway

  3. When I requested change, you started off great by telling me to enter left downwind, but you were very late to tell me cleared for the option. If I’m the only one in the pattern, there really is no reason to wait.

  4. When I requested transition, you told me 6,000 feet. That is 1,500 feet below the airport’s height. In other words, you’re asking me to fly in the underworld. It should be 1000 feet above the airports surface, meaning 8,500 feet would of been appropriate.

Everything else seemed fine. Remember to give Pattern, then clear if the aircraft is not doing pattern work on the same runway

Thanks for your feedback! I will work on all that and make sure to be more aware.

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