[Closed] Leap Day & Year Fun And Celebration @ EHAM - 010100ZMAR16

Yay, I’ll be there, any desired coordination in plane type or livery?

Any commercial aircraft

I’ll be in a Lufthansa A340-600 with call sign I918US

10 minutes

I’ll be there in a Lufthansa B748, call sign is ROB

If anyone could control it would be appreciated

I’m heading on

wait let me hold short first

I’ll just stay at the gate

sStarting now

Takeoffs will be at 8;05 instead of of 8:03

You can still takeoff from EHAM

Welp, I just got 8 violations, I couldn’t stop the B748 from speeding during the descents, still fun

thank you to everyone that came!

i got 2 during a flight now to get my standing back

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Sorry i wasn’t able to get to the event becous for me it was at 02.00 am.

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