[Closed] Leap Day & Year Fun And Celebration @ EHAM - 010100ZMAR16

Let’s ‘leap’ into leap year by having a fun flight from EHAM to EDDL!
Server: ATC Playground
Region: Amsterdam
Date: February 29th
Time: 8:00PM EST February 29th/0100Z March 1st
Aircraft Commercial Aircraft
NOTAM: Spawn at gates D21-D29, taxi to runway 24, then takeoff at approximately 8:03PM/ 0103Z
Flight Plan: EHAM - EDDL See Photos below with waypoints.
ATC would be appreciated!


Poll for times

  • 0000Z/7:00PM EST
  • 0030Z/7:30PM EST
  • 0100Z/8:00PM EST
  • 0130Z/8:30PM EST

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Starting time will be at 8:00PM EST and Takeoffs will start at 8:03PM EST

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I can’t come😢

I cant be up so late it’s monday tommorow.

No tomorrow

I wanted to make it AFTER @Furtive_masstwofourf 's Event that is why. But you and till vote for a different time

Please Comment If You are coming

Note Voting will be open until 12:00PM EST today

Respect for not taking our time from our event. :) thank you

You are very welcome

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Polls closing in less than 5 minutes

Confirmed time is 8:00PM

The event is on February 29th if your are in North America

1 am or is it 1 pm in ZULU?

0100 = 1am
1300 = 1pm


I’m gonna do some practice.

ATC would be appreciated!

Event in 1/2 an hour!!